Triple Self-Portrait of Faith

michael art.jpg

The "Triple Self-Portrait of Faith," by Michael Pollard. See this webpage for more information about this piece of art. Here is a preview:

What does it mean to say "God with us with God"? How do I understand God with Us in our darkness and us with God in His light?

To me this means more than just "Jesus came as a human baby long ago and then died on a cross and rose from the dead." God with us isn't merely the incarnation, and us with God isn't simply us marching or standing or serving or gathering under His banner. God with us is the reality that His spirit indwells us with power, enabling us to do those things we need and long to do; it is us acting and working and striving and serving in the best interests of others to God's glory. It is us--the imperfect, broken, ashamed, and already-but-not-yet restored members of His adopted family--stepping into our role as extensions of Himself--as the body of Christ--and stepping out into the world.

My digital portrait turned pen-and-ink on canvas started with my channeling Norman Rockwell in his Triple Self-Portrait. Rockwell's paintings are famous for their idealism and realism--his ability to capture life somewhere between the "as it is" and the "as we hope it could be." I portray the artist in the picture using cartoonish strokes and have him both looking at historic representations of Christ in art and hoping to see and display those visions of Christianity into the life of Holy Trinity on his own canvas.

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