Janssen color fixed.jpg

Christy Janssen
acrylic on canvas panel

A breve is a two whole measure rest in a piece of music. The loveliness of this scene feels like music. And the peace of the scene is like a long rest in the middle of what is often a hectic year. Despite the bitter cold of the image, there is a strange warmth of light. It is serene, with a gentle luminosity.
The months of snow and cold, if taken full advantage, often add a pause after the busyness of holidays and before the frenetic activity of the spring and summer. Just as in our agricultural past, the dark of winter afforded a time of rest, so too, I hope does this painting. A rest of the mind and a calming of the spirit.
Despite its naturally turning us past this season, it is also especially fitting for this season. We are waiting as the barren trees and river do. But yet there is light and loveliness in the barrenness. There is a strange hope in barrenness--and a waiting to be brought back to life. We are waiting expectantly for the warmth of Christ's presence. And at His Advent, we will feel it.