"Coming to Noel" Card

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An Advent/Christmas card created by Bill and Christine Elfstrom. Here is some background from Christine:

Our card, in its simplicity, honors the magical nature of the season of Advent and Christmas.
It is extraordinary that the Father of creation, the Father of light, the Father of wonder is communicating personally to us. And we have been invited by The Father to make the journey to meet His beloved Son.
Although it is a grim truth that the forces of Darkness will try to destroy the path we are on, I will only say at this time that Darkness will always try to destroy what is Good. This is why true Imagination connected to God and connected to Truth is such a powerful element. Often we must be brave. But The Father promised He would never leave us. And remember, Goodness can never really be destroyed.
It was while exploring the Goodness and mystery of God that I wrote the Advent verse for the card. Of course, the meaning of Advent covers a lot of territory, and there are only a few things revealed now to us with countless others to come. (And a little card is much too small for all of this!) I've always thought that someday being given our new name on a white stone is one of the most intriguing thoughts. And I loved learning that there was a time in Israel when if a boy was born a cedar would be planted.
I chose for this card the little flower called Snowdrop to represent the season. I am glad for the importance that nature, God's creation, plays in the Biblical stories we celebrate at this time of year. What would these stories be without visualizing the great Light from the nighttime sky or the sheep tended to in the field. All in their own way are God's messengers. And all ignite our Imagination. Creative artists have envisioned dear donkeys visiting the straw bed Manger. Good for them! And we all, even with little talent, but certainly inspiration, display lovely greenery in our homes. These are not merely fanciful elements. They are important symbols that give us joy. They speak to us in deep ways. And children carry these images forever in their hearts.
So, now is the time of anticipation and the days of celebration. Noel bids us "Come."
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