He Is Risen

Betty Hightower art.JPEG

He Is Risen, by Betty Hightower.

A few months ago, while listening to Christian hymns with my eyes closed, I had this vision of the lion's head in the clouds.  It was brief, but vivid.

The vision hasn't gone away and I've had a desire to paint it, but it never was just right.  I was very moved in the Palm Sunday service, as I was reminded of Jesus's suffering and dying for us....but especially thinking that He did that for me.

As I started painting that afternoon the words "He is Risen!" , "King of kings, Lord of lords" came to mind.

I had a deep sense of awe, even as I was painting... The Lion of the Tribe of Judah depicted what I was feeling, and especially wanted to focus on the expression of the eyes. It was almost like He was peering into my soul, with intensity and love.