External Partnerships

Holy Trinity Anglican Church partners formally and informally with several other ministries in the Colorado Springs region and beyond.

Benet Hill Monastery

We are a contemporary Benedictine Monastic presence. We provide the sacred space of hospitality and the use of our human and material resources in education, spirituality, and other viable ministries. We do this with all God's people and with a special emphasis for women.

HTAC Point of Contact: Deacon Deb Tenney

Bible Study Fellowship

BSF is an International bible study Ministry with classes all over the US and in many foreign countries.  It is a structured study program with weekly class meetings led by more senior/experienced and trained class leaders.

HTAC Points of Contact: Dick & Barbara Battersby, Sandy Browning, Jeanne Ekle, Gerrie Harper, Jim Strub


Biblica makes the transforming message of God's Word accessible for people in any life circumstance. We conduct ministry through three core strategies: Translation, Publishing, and Bible Engagement.

HTAC POint of Contact: Glenn Paauw

Bishop Laurent Mbanda

Laurent Mbanda, Bishop of the Shyria Diocese is a friend of Holy Trinity. Bishop Mbanda left Compassion International as an Area Director to become a bishop, and we support him in prayer and can provide opportunity for anyone who wishes to support Bishop Mbanda directly.


CANA East is one of four missionary dioceses in the Convocation of Anglicans in North America. CANA offers an authentic connection to the Anglican Communion through the Church of Nigeria and full membership in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA)

HTAC Point of Contact: Brian Brown

Compassion International

Compassion International exists as a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults

HTAC POints of Contact: Lauren Burnett, Bruce & Ashley Carlson, Marilyn Paradis, Sterling Sorrell

Crossfire Ministries

Crossfire Ministries is a faith based, non-profit, Christian organization dedicated to being a source of encouragement and hope to those in need

HTAC Point of Contact: Stephanie Pollard

Episcopal Thrift House

The Episcopal Thrift store is the very noticeable building with the red striped awning on South Tejon St.  It is another small but well-stocked thrift store run by a charity -- in this case, the women of the Episcopal Church.

HTAC POint of Contact: Teena Barager

Evangelical Environmental Network

The Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) is a ministry that educates, inspires, and mobilizes Christians in their effort to care for God's creation, to be faithful stewards of God's provision, and to advocate for actions and policies that honor God and protect the environment.

HTAC Point of Contact: Brian Brown

Global Dental Relief Expedition

This is non-profit sends dental professional to countries like Cambodia, Guatemala, Vietnam, Nepal, and Kenya to do dental work on kids 5-18.

HTAC POint of Contact: Gregg & Suzi Romens

John Jay Institute

The John Jay Institute is an educational and professional civic leadership organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its mission is to prepare principled leaders for faith-informed public service.

HTAC Point of Contact: Brian Brown

Kairos Prison Ministry

Kairos is a four day "Short Course" in Christianity conducted inside prison for the inmates.  Based on the "Cursillo" movement this 35+ year-old ministry has brought many incarcerated men and women to Christ

HTAC POints of Contact: Ralph & Sandy Browning, Bruce Carlson, Mort Munroe, Jim Strub

Mackenzie Place Bible Study

An in-residence weekly group bible study started when Jim Strub's wife ( now deceased) was a resident there and it has continued under Jim's leadership.

HTAC Point of Contact: Jim Strub

Mercy's Gate

Mercy’s Gate began 30 years ago as a collaboration of churches and organizations called Northern Churches Care.  Today, we are known as Mercy’s Gate, and we provide much-needed food, clothing, help with utilities and rent, medical assistance…and most importantly, spiritual care and emotional support.

HTAC Point of Contact: Brian Brown

Mission Training International

Mission Training International’s vision is to see cross-cultural messengers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ experience effectiveness, endurance and personal vitality.

HTAC Point of Contact: Pastor George & Connie Blake

Mom Heart Ministry

Mom Heart Ministry is dedicated to “restoring moms’ hearts to God’s heart for motherhood.” Mothers are trained how to start, lead, and tend a Mom Heart small group in order to biblically inspire and encourage members as Christian moms. Leaders around the world connect and receive training on MomHeart.com. Sally Clarkson is the director of Mom Heart Ministry, a motherhood ministry initiative of Whole Heart Ministries.

HTAC Points of Contact: Sally Clarkson, Shelley Rose

One Child Matters

Formerly Mission of Mercy, One Child Matters is a child sponsorship organization helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children in poverty-stricken areas of the world. Through our ministry programs, children receive food, education, medical aid and hope in Jesus Christ.

HTAC POint of Contact: Mark & Dee Pluimer

Old Brothers Housing Ministry

This Ministry, based in a church in Tucson, take volunteers into Mexico to build housing for needy people

HTAC POint of Contact: Gregg Romens

Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity

PPH4H utilizes volunteer labor and tax-deductible donations of money and materials to build and rehabilitate simple, decent homes in partnership with the community and prospective homeowners.

HTAC Point of Contact: Matt Oliver

Pikes Peak Women's Connection / Stonecroft Ministries

Stonecroft shares the Gospel with women worldwide. More than 25,000 Stonecroft-equipped volunteers regularly invite the women of their communities to start a relationship with the God of the Universe through His Son Jesus Christ

HTAC Point of Contact: Stephanie Pollard

Potter's Inn

Potter's Inn is a Christian ministry that comes alongside leaders in the marketplace and ministry. We help people navigate the whitewater of life. We help busy people get off the hamster wheel of life and help them live with spiritual vitality, resilience and purpose!

HTAC Point of Contact: David Sachsenmaier

Salvation Army Auxiliary

This Ministry benefits needy children in El Paso county, and uses fundraiser support to fund projects

HTAC Point of Contact: Ashley Carlson

Solidarity with the Pilgrim Church

Solidarity with the Pilgrim Church exists to share the generosity of the American people with the local Church in countries where it confronts active persecution, so that it can solidify and strengthen its presence.

HTAC Point of Contact: Brian Brown

Soli Deo Gloria

Soli Deo Gloria is a non-audition community choir of approximately 100 members dedicated to performing a wide range of sacred choral music. It is a professional sounding choir, with a self-selection process where each member determines their own capability to learn challenging music at a fast pace. Soli also has an auditioned smaller sub-choir called "Glory" that ministers to people through music at a broad range of venues.

HTAC Point of Contact: Terry Brubaker

Theopolis Institute

Formerly the Trinity House Institute. "We equip our students for imaginative ministry and foster the development of their particular talents. We provide a context for our scholars and teachers to study the Scriptures, engage in theological research, instruct and mentor other ministers, teachers, and Christian laity, and pursue publication of their own work, all for the purposes of supporting the church’s work of teaching, worship, and cultural renewal."

HTAC POint of Contact: Brian Brown

Tri-Lakes Cares

A community based, volunteer supported, resource center whose purpose is to improve people's lives through emergency assistance, self-sufficiency and relief programs, education and other social services.

HTAC Points of Contact: Ryan Paradis, Dora Roeca, Connie Sterling

Tri-Lakes Cops and Clergy

This is an organization of law enforcement and ordained clergy who participate in community response to needs identified by local churches.

HTAC Point of Contact: Deacon Deb Tenney

Trinity School for Ministry

Trinity School for Ministry is an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition. We welcome students from all three streams of orthodox Anglicanism: evangelical, charismatic and Anglo-Catholic, as well as members of other denominations.

HTAC Point of Contact: Pastor Matt Burnett

Vision Trust

Our Mission is to develop orphaned and neglected children into mature Christians equipped to live in their own culture. We do this by enabling Christian nationals to meet the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of these children—in 17 countries.

HTAC POint of Contact: Jeff Davis (Guatemala)

Whole Heart Ministries

Whole Heart Ministries is a nonprofit Christian home and parenting ministry, dedicated to encouraging and equipping Christian parents to raise wholehearted children to live for Christ. Clay and Sally Clarkson started the ministry in 1994 after many years in discipleship ministry, foreign missions, and church ministry. Whole Heart publishes books and resources for parents, sponsors events, and engages parents through online ministries.

HTAC Points of Contact: Clay & Sally Clarkson, Danny & Shelley Rose

World Vision

Christian child sponsorship all over the world.

HTAC Points of Contact: Ralph & Sandy Browning, Bruce & Ashley Carlson