Integrated Spirituality and The Anglican Catechism

We deeply desire that our heads and our hearts and our wills are all engaged in loving God and experiencing His love for us. We call this Integrated Spirituality.

We seek to know God faithfully and love Him personally. We know Him and His character as He is seen in Jesus; we know Him by and through the infilling of His Holy Spirit; and consequently, we know Him by and in the Scriptures. We love Him, our Father God, with a personal sense of His character and His love in our emotions and our decisions in life. 

Our platform for this undertaking in Integrated Spirituality is our Anglican Catechism. It supports knowing God faithfully in that it is Biblically sound, historically reliable, and locally relevant. By that we mean 3 things:

  1. The Catechism is little more than Scripture itself. (Biblical).

  2. It, or some like version of it, has been used by Believers for centuries to be ever-more-firmly grounded in God. (Historic).

  3. It has a particular Anglican flavor as we try to be a true-to-ourselves outpost of God's kingdom in Gleneagle and Colorado Springs. (Local)  

All this in order to know God faithfully and love Him personally.


During this time, we are designing our church life  - Gathered and Scattered - to live into our pursuit of Integrated Spirituality. We are starting at our more communal levels, i.e., Church Gathered on Sunday for Worship and Discipleship, and moving into our more individual levels, i.e. Life Groups and one-on-one sessions. All ages - lower elementary through adults - will be focusing on this broad topic for the entire 4 weeks. 

As a Church Gathered in Sunday worship, the preaching and music and liturgy will focus on our Catechism topic: God the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. 

Our Sunday morning Teaching and Community Time (TCT) will, across all age groups, likewise focus on the topic with a special emphasis on what and how we teach, so as to lean into, as stated above, knowing God faithfully and love Him personally.

As a Church Scattered, we are asking, but not requiring, our Life Groups to take advantage of resources that we are sharing in order to continue drilling down on God the Father as we meet during these 4 weeks.

Jonathon Thigpen has found family devotionals around this very topic, God the Father, that are geared for our younger children. Please look for them in the Fellowship Hall, bring them home from Childrens TCT, ask him for copies, and happily receive them when he offers them to you. :-)

In addition, for one-on-one processing, we have certified Counselors and Spiritual Directors as well as Clergy available to spend time individually with anyone who desires to go even deeper in their relationship with God our Father.  

Based on our experience and how God leads, we anticipate that this will become a regular feature of our Life together over the year to come and into the future.  

We have posted a brochure describing this first series on God the Father. You can find it through this link: Integrated Spirituality Brochure.