Call for Lenten Works of Art


Lent is a season of reflection and contemplation.  We consider our own station as fallen, broken sinners in need of a Savior, and we contemplate the magnitude and magnificence of the sacrifice made by Christ to reconcile us with our God.

In partnership with the Anselm Society and as part of our collective commitment to reunite the Arts and the Church and to redeem the Christian imagination, we are seeking to integrate, with intention and inspiration, imaginative and artistic elements into our worship, our services and our gatherings for Lent and Easter.

Writings in Response to the Collects

In the Anglican tradition, on Sundays during worship, we will recite a Collect written specifically for each of the five weeks of Lent.

We are inviting writers to pick one or more of the Collects for the Sundays in Lent and to offer a short written work that responds to or is inspired by the Collect.  We welcome poetry, prose, exposition -- whatever written form you feel called to offer.

Visual Works on the Stations of the Cross

On Wednesday of Holy Week, we are offering a devotional experience, the Stations of the Cross, which recalls the events at the end of the life of Jesus, from his condemnation to death to the laying of his body in the tomb.  

There are 14 traditional events (or stations) presented for contemplation and reflection as part of this devotion.  Throughout the Church’s historical experience of this part of Holy Week, artistic depictions of and responses to the Stations have been displayed and used to inspire the reflections of those experiencing the devotion.  The fourteen stations are listed at the end of this invitation.

We are inviting visual artists to create works that respond to or are inspired by the Stations of the Cross. Painters, sculptors, multi-media artists -- anyone working in the realm of visual arts -- may submit a work to accompany one of the Stations available to worshipers on the Wednesday of Holy Week at Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

How to Submit Your Works

If you are interested in offering one or more writings or visual works, please submit your piece electronically (a pdf of your writing or an electronic image of your visual work) via the following online form: ELECTRONIC FORM.

You can also send your work to Mark Summers in the Church Office. Be sure to indicate which of the Lenten Collects or Station of the Cross you are responding to.

We have formed an advisory group who will review all of the submitted pieces and recommend to the Senior Pastor those for inclusion in the Church’s services.  The rest will be offered in the collected displays in our Fellowship Hall.

With great expectancy, we look forward to the works created by our Community.