May 19: New Adult TCT Class on the Persecuted Church

There has been more persecution of Christ’s Church in the last century than in all earlier centuries combined. Dr. Sid Webb has visited the persecuted in many lands, including Sudan, Syria, Vietnam, Lao, India, China, and Nepal. In this new Adult TCT series, which begins on Sunday, May 19, Dr. Webb will share stories and images from the field, while touching on some critical questions, such as:

  • In what ways is the Body of Christ persecuted around the world?

  • Why should we care about our persecuted family?

  • What does their example teach us about worship, rejoicing, and overcoming?

  • Is persecution an essential part of God’s plan, or an anomoly?

  • How can we be ready if persecution comes our way?

Come to this vital TCT series, and you’ll leave informed and inspired!