Sign Up NOW for a Life Group

Why join a life group?

Well, you breath, and you eat, and you sleep to sustain your physical life. Yes?

Doing life together in a small community group, sharing your victories and your challenges, practicing love and compassion and grace, experiencing God's love and care through others, never grieving or celebrating alone: these are the air, the food and the rest of your spiritual life.

God made us to live in true community. Jesus calls us to share life with one another. Community and connection don't happen just on Sunday; they need to be regular features of the rest of our week.

Life Groups are one of the most important and most effective ways for each of us, as members of the Body of Christ, to love and learn and grow in our walks as followers of Jesus.

Please sign up to be a part of our Life Group experience. We are working hard to match people up in small groups, considering availability and schedules and geography. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

You can sign up online at THIS FORM. Or you can sign up on the paper signup sheets in our Fellowship Hall.