while we are far from perfect,
we are dedicated to the following:

To Worship — to be full of a strong and intimate sense of God’s presence, devoted to the Scriptures, and honoring him in historic Anglican worship. Music ranges from Wesley and Bach to Matt Redman and Andrew Peterson.

To Go Deeper — to strive to know and love God ever more powerfully and personally. Teaching ranges from Bible study to the New Urbanism.

To Love One Another — to have deep, honest, transparent, and fun relationships with one another in good times and bad. This includes prayer ministry, home groups, dinners, potlucks and more.

To Be Living Water — Life can be breakingly difficult, so we work to bring personal and practical presence, help, and relief to our neighbors in Gleneagle, in Colorado Springs, and internationally. We are part of the province of Rwanda, and 21%+ of our gross income goes out the door to our Province and other churches in our Network (10%), local, national, and international charities (10%), and others (1+%).

Simply put: We love God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and want to live for Him and the world.

We are Christian. Our faith and worship are rooted in the history of the orthodox Church. We whole-heartedly affirm the essential creeds of the Church--Apostle's, Nicene, and Athanasian. Read more about these HERE.

We are Anglican. We are a member of the Anglican Church in North America, and we were previously a part of PEARUSA, a missionary district of the Anglican Province of Rwanda.

We are evangelical-liturgical. We’ll give you a minute to process that one. It means we encounter God in historic Anglican worship, i.e., prayers, Scripture, and Lord’s Supper or Eucharist, that are profoundly Scriptural and have stood the test of time. It also means that we encounter Him personally, in traditional and contemporary ways, with a deep and personal sense of His presence and love, and yes, challenge.

We are all ages. On any given Sunday you will see three and, most likely, four generations of people. We like it that way. Church life is family life for us.