Please join us in prayer as we at HTAC stand shoulder to shoulder with our sister parish in Nyagatovu and for the Kibungo Diocese. Here are 7 items they’ve asked us to pray for specifically:

  1. Pray for Pastor Xavier, his wife Naome, daughter Promesse, and sons Nixon and John Savior.

  2. Pray for God’s blessing on the schools and the Mother’s Union in every sub-parish.

  3. Pray for the Nyagatovu multi-purpose hall to be built. Our Rwanda Team prayed over the cornerstone when they were visiting. The building will be used for gatherings of the church, the community, and the local Compassion project.

  4. Akanyinya church needs adjacent land to satisfy government requirements for parking. This is the building we helped to update, and the team participated in its dedication, when they were in country.

  5. Ntaruka and Kitazigurwa sub-parishes are both praying for a music leader to help attract youth to the church.

  6. Pray for Archdeacon Nathan, and his assistant, Pastor Divine. He has a huge area that he is overseeing with about 20,000 Christians. Pray for the completion of the multi-purpose building that is being constructed near his home.

  7. Finally, one of the catechists told us: “Modernity challenges the church. Technological advances are good, but they can also take people’s attention from God. Pray that the people would have a vision of God as Lord. This is the most important thing to pray for!”

Pastor Xavier and his family

Pastor Xavier and his family