Lectionary Readings for this Sunday

August 20, 2017: The 11th Sunday After Pentecost

Isaiah 56:1-8

Psalm 67

Romans 11:13-24

Matthew 15:21-28


Deacon Jim Dorman

Children's Church:

We will be having Children's Church at the 10:45 service this week. Children are dismissed for Children's Church after the opening songs, and they go with the CC leaders to the upper elementary room. They return to the main service before communion.





Teaching & Community Time:


Elementary TCT classes meet in the classrooms off the back hallway. The early elementary class (age 4 - 2nd grade) meets in the classroom at the far end of the hallway; the upper elementary class (3rd - 5th grade) meets in the large classroom.


The Middle School and High School classes are currently meeting together upstairs.


"Hard Teachings" - Jim Strub teaching

Last Sunday we saw how to overcome the “impossibility” of obeying the hard teachings. It was staring us in the face all the time; but maybe we just couldn't bring ourselves to accept it, let alone do it – like die to self, be born again – and He in us, we in Him.

This Sunday, 20 August, we will conclude the series by focusing on one particular human trait that can hinder putting any of this into practice – namely, hanging on to unforgiveness, and its soul-mate: anger.

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to place on your heart the name of someone you need to forgive, or someone you are still angry with – maybe just simmering, but nevertheless, angry. There may be more than one. Come to TCT with this on Sunday. No one else will know who these people are. But as we proceed you may find a sense of peace and freedom you have not known in some time.